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Atrakcje Dwernik - Chata socjologa
14 February 2023

Bieszczady National Park

The Bieszczady National Park was established in 1973 and covers the most picturesque and naturally valuable parts of the Western Bieszczady Mountains, with an area of 29,200 hectares. Of this area, 3,045 hectares are under strict protection - including the entire area of the highlands and highest peaks.


Nearly 80% of the park's area is occupied by forests, dominated by beech with a small admixture of fir and sycamore. In the layer of the Polonnas, which are one of the biggest tourist and natural attractions, there are many rare high-mountain plants, typical of the Eastern Carpathians. There are nearly 800 species of vascular plants, 500 species of lichens and about 1,000 species of fungi. The park is also home to many animal species, such as Carpathian deer, roe deer, wild boar, bison, elk, and wolf packs. The lynx is the park's symbol and is featured in its coat of arms.
The Bieszczady National Park, together with parks in Ukraine and Slovakia, form the protected area "Eastern Carpathian Biosphere Reserve."
A network of hiking trails has been created in the park, the length of which is 130 kilometers. They can be traversed on foot, on horseback or by bicycle. An interesting attraction is also a ride on the historic Bieszczady railroad.


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