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Places to visit 

The most famous places in the Bieszczady to visit.

Near our cottages is a peak called Dwernik Kamień. There is a magnificent vantage point that offers a view of Tarnica, which is part of the Crown of the Polish Mountains project. Dwernik Kamień is 1004 meters above sea level and is also known by
Otryt is a long, straight mountain ridge about 18 km long. It is overgrown by fir and beech forests, which makes it almost completely devoid of vantage points. The highest elevation of Otryt is Trohaniec measuring 939 m above sea level. The ridge can be
The Bieszczady National Park was established in 1973 and covers the most picturesque and naturally valuable parts of the Western Bieszczady Mountains, with an area of 29,200 hectares. Of this area, 3,045 hectares are under strict protection - including the entire area of the highlands
Tarnica is a peak in the Polish part of the Bieszczady Mountains that reaches 1364 meters above sea level and is the highest in the range. However, there is a higher peak in Ukraine called Pikuj (1408 meters above sea level) by 44 meters. At
Połonina Caryńska (1,297 meters above sea level) is a frequently visited place, which is a natural extension of Połonina Wetlinska. The red Main Beskid Trail runs through its ridge, connecting Brzegi Górne with Ustrzyki Dolne. The shortest route to the summit is the ascent from
This route is one of the most famous in the Bieszczady Mountains. It consists of eight kilometers of vast massifs, with the western part, where the highest peak is Smerek (1222 m), and the eastern part, which is Połonina Wetlinska (1228 m). The massif is
Viewpoint from a high escarpment overlooking the San River bed. An ideal place to see the geological structure of the Bieszczady Mountains - the hard sandstones of the Carpathian flysch form parallel belts of cascades in the riverbed. On the slope there is a small

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