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Terms and conditions

Dear Guests,


Welcome to Bukovina, we are glad that you have decided to choose us to spend your time in this beautiful part of the world. We wish you to fully relax, recharge your batteries with positive energy and, above all, have fun. However, we ask you to observe a few rules during your stay with us, which will make life much easier for other guests, for us and, above all, for you.

We have tried to collect them in the following rules:


1. Check-in starts at 4 p.m. on the day of arrival and ends at 10 a.m. on the day of departure. We are very flexible as far as late arrivals are concerned, but we ask you to respect the "move out" until 10.00 a.m. This will allow us to prepare the house for the next guests.  

2. We ask you to keep the cottage and the Bukovina area tidy, we segregate rubbish and invite guests to help us. 

3. if the number of Guests is higher than previously agreed the Host has the right:

refuse to accept additional persons.
withdraw from the contract due to the fault of the Guests.   
It is also not possible to accommodate additional Guests during your stay without the Hosts consent.

4. We provide plenty of parking spaces, please do not drive on the lawns next to the cottages. Even if you love your cars very much. 


5. Please throw ONLY toilet paper and whatever comes out of your body into the toilets. Please do not throw in paper towels, WET Kleenex or feminine sanitary items. We do not have a septic tank in Bukowina, only a sewage treatment plant, it is in your interest that it does not clog during your holiday. 


6. We accept your four-legged pets at no extra charge. However, you are kindly requested to 

declare your arrival with a pet at the time of booking,
dogs are not allowed to use the bedrooms and sleep in the bedding, we also ask that they do not sleep on the sofa downstairs. 
The dog must be on a leash or under the owner's control 
Dogs must not be left alone in the cottage 
Please clean up after dogs in the garden area around the cottage. 


7. smoking is strictly prohibited in the cottage. 


8. the guests are responsible for their own damage; their carers are responsible for damage caused by children and animals.


9. Please light fires ONLY in designated areas. The hosts provide firewood, not wood for campfires! The hosts will indicate where to find/collect wood for the campfire.

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