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Atrakcje Dwernik - Chata socjologa
14 February 2023

Otryt and the Sociologist's Hut

Otryt is a long, straight mountain ridge about 18 km long. It is overgrown by fir and beech forests, which makes it almost completely devoid of vantage points. The highest elevation of Otryt is Trohaniec measuring 939 m above sea level. The ridge can be reached from Dwernik via the blue path.


The Sociologist's Hut is a hostel located on the top of Otryt, 896 meters above sea level, built in 1972-1973 by students of the Institute of Sociology of the UW, under the leadership of Henryk Kliszka. The building is wooden and accommodates up to 30 people. On the first floor is a room with a fireplace and a kitchen, also serving as a dining room. On the first floor are multiple bedrooms. The hut has no electricity, running water or gas, cooking is done on a wood-fired kitchen, and residents have to wash dishes and fetch water. However, the atmosphere at the Hut is unique - there is the spirit of old huts, people sing by the fireplace accompanied by guitars and candles. Every guest is also a co-host, which means that everyone has to help each other with daily tasks.


We can reach the Sociologist's Hut via the blue trail from Dwernik.

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