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Atrakcje Dwernik - Chata socjologa
14 February 2023


Tarnica is a peak in the Polish part of the Bieszczady Mountains that reaches 1364 meters above sea level and is the highest in the range. However, there is a higher peak in Ukraine called Pikuj (1408 meters above sea level) by 44 meters.


At the top of Tarnica is a cross 8.5 meters high, which was erected in 2000 to commemorate the visit of Karol Wojtyla in 1953. The name "Tarnica" comes from the Romanian word "tarniță," meaning "saddle," because Tarnica and Szeroki Wierch look like a saddle when viewed from Volosaty. From the top of Tarnica there is a beautiful 360-degree panorama including Bukowe Berdo, Krzemień, Halicz, Rozsypaniec, the Ukrainian part of the Bieszczady Mountains with Pikuj, as well as Połonina Caryńska and the border range with Mala and Wielka Rawka.


The most popular hiking trails to Tarnica start in Wolosat and Ustrzyki Górne. We suggest a route starting from Volosaty, which leads to Tarnica, as well as to Halicz and Rozsypaniec. Despite the length of the route (about 21 km), we believe that it is the most beautiful route in the Polish part of the Bieszczady Mountains, and it is worth taking.

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